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TVB was founded in 2013 in Westport, Connecticut by seasoned innovation professional Randy Herbertson after selling a similar firm based in NYC. TVB was built on principals that distinguish a successful boutique agency– a team of accomplished and emerging industry professionals focused on delivering quality services without the bureaucracy or overhead of a large agency. Where we separate from the pack is our true ability to navigate from inception to execution and the breadth of challenges we’ve undertaken for clients in many industries. 

From rigorous stakeholder insight development and innovation ideation to strong yet adaptable creative practice, we produce exceptional results, no matter where we are engaged in the process. 

With a history of long and productive working relationships with start-ups to multi-national companies, we can be a dependable and proactive catalyst to launch, renew, or re-invent brands and businesses. 

This has led to a business model grown almost entirely on referral, a testament to our ways of working and the impact we’ve contributed to our assignments. 

Our leadership team favors a very hands-on approach with client deliverables, choosing to practice the art and science of our profession, not just delegate and manage through others. 

This is not an aversion to scale, it is an accountability to the quality and brilliance of our product. The beneficiaries of this passion are our clients.



Since we started in 2015, we’ve believed in following our passion for creativity and design in every step of the way.

CONKER, a more exciting way of saying “conquer,” came together when two well-known Colombian companies, Auteco and CediMed, joined forces.

Working in a demanding industry shaped who we are today.

As a result, we gained the knowledge and expertise to be the perfect partner.

We’ve served clients from all over the world, including the United States, Spain, the Dominican Republic, China, Australia, and more. Our mission to conquer and grow is in our DNA and has become a reality.

This growth was possible thanks to our amazing team, who work hard to support our clients and take the company to new heights.

Our ultimate goal is to consistently provide value to our clients, stay ahead of the game, and lead the way in this exciting industry.

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